New Zealand March 2017

Today saw the completion of a lift we started planning almost 2 years ago. We were contacted by our client who was returning to New Zealand after 7 years in Europe. The plan was to purchase a plot of land and build the dream home. After our initial contact the client flew out to New Zealand and we thought that was the end of it. After 3 months I received an email with an architect's drawing showing the new house and there, right in the middle, was a lift. Its really going to happen.

So things progressed. We met the client again as they were loading there possessions into a 40ft container. First went in was the lift. Wrapped, boxed and securely packaged. Then went in everything else the client was shipping to New Zealand and that would be the last we saw of it for almost a year.

When we arrived in Mangonui, New Zealand we were totally blown away by the house. An absolutely stunning location. Even better, the lift arrived in perfect condition without as much as a scratch.

If we can install a lift here, we can do it anywhere!

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